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Professional Long Drive Entertainment for Charitable Fundraising

Over the last 10 years Nyle Pruitt has performed in over 600 Charity Golf Tournaments and Corporate Golf Events.

Known as the “Nyleator” because of the power behind his swing, he has produced more than 45 400-yard drives during his competitive rounds.

Nyle has been featured twice in  “Golf Tips Magazine” as one of the most Powerful Long Drivers in the World.

He has accumulated a record success that includes being a 10 time Re/Max World Long Drive Championship Finalist and two top 5 finishes on the Long Drivers of America Official Money List.

DFW Links Magazine; highlights that for charity golf tournament organizers, hiring an entertainer such as Pruitt can add an element of excitement that makes the event more lucrative for the charity and more memorable for the participants. Just as critical, specialty acts such as Pruitt’s bring people back to your tournament year after year and consistent attendance is a vital component in any fund-raising ventures long-term growth and success.

Nyle has an amazing ability to bring people together for a common purpose and has re-shaped the way charity golf tournaments and corporate golf outings raise funds. His heart and determination run so deep he has raised over $1.5 million for various charities. That is an amazing statistic for any one athlete to attain!

While interacting with each participant of an event, Nyle informs them of how vital their generosity is for the charity in need. With his unique and honest approach he always puts the needs of the charity before his own by expressing how their donations help to continue changing the lives of the beneficiaries.

Following this principle, Nyle has become a must for countless tournament directors, club professionals, and charity golf tournaments.



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